How do I change my letterhead?


Step 1

It's important that you consult with the Licensee or are the Licensee before following the below steps. These steps should be followed ONLY if permission is granted.

A PDF copy of your letterhead is required. If you do not have one, you should contact the company that did the PDF artwork for your letterhead. There must be no cropping, no security and it must be flattened (no layers).

SettsPlus comes bundled with a program that handles Codebase related tasks. Sometimes your workplace has placed this application on the desktop, so we will check there first. This is what the icon would look like if it's already on the desktop.

If you can't find the above icon on the desktop, that's fine. We can go to where the program is located manually. Open up the windows explorer and navigate to the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Settlement

The windows explorer looks like the following:

Yours will look different but where you want to go is the icon that has (C:) appended to the end. You can then manually navigate through the folders until you reach the above directory. Alternatively, you can copy and paste that above path into the below section:

.. by clicking that section and pasting it. Then within that directory, find SettlementUser.exe. The file will have the blue icon shown in the first image of this step. Double click it and the program should run.

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Step 2

Now we want to select the 'Edit Settlements + Setup Database' item.

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Step 2

We can now replace the old letterhead with the new pdf.

From this screen we can also set the fax header and the statement header. If the letterhead has different margins, you may need to alter the printer margins from within SettsPlus.

After you have selected all the Letterhead settings, click OK, and restart SettsPlus

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